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It is useful for individuals concerning self-knowledge and useful for the team as it emphasizes that we are different although we can still change.

It Starts with Proven Results

"Blanchard™ helped us create a positive corporate culture that drives performance, behaviors, results, and profits." — Mark Deterding, Banta Catalog Group

For 30 years, leading companies all over the world have turned to Blanchard™ for expertise in improving productivity, increasing customer retention and generating employee motivation. Why do companies make Blanchard™ their first choice when looking for a partner to improve organizational performance? It starts with proven results, but it includes much more.

Flexible Learning Solutions that Get Results

The Blanchard™ blended solution incorporates the latest adult learning techniques to cement new skills. Our online, self-study, and classroom delivery options give you the ability to manage costs and delivery schedules more efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the training. Engaging, interactive tools and activities ensure that participants learn and practice new behaviors and apply them back on the job.

Common Language and Integrated Curriculum

The Blanchard™ integrated approach to leadership development provides a common system, framework, and language at every level—whether it is through developing self-leadership at the front line, developing leaders to be more effective one-to-one with their direct reports, building leadership capacity for leading teams, or leading an organization through a change initiative. The practicality and simplicity of our Situational Leadership II model has made it one of the most widely adopted leadership processes in the world.

Proven, Proprietary, Research-Based Content

All Blanchard™ programs have an extensive research base that offer both content and face validity. That's why the Blanchard™ Situational Leadership®  II Model is the most widely used leadership process in the world. Situational Leadership® II is not just another skill development program. It is a proven, comprehensive leadership philosophy that works.

Compatible with Other Programs in Your Company

All Blanchard™ solutions feature open-ended models that let you build upon previous management training investments. These models allow you to combine an open-ended, adaptable, easy-to-understand framework, with specific, practical, and common sense leader behaviors that your managers can use to improve performance on a day-to-day basis. You get the best of both worlds—a leadership philosophy robust enough to grow and adapt with your company’s changing needs plus the one-to-one leadership skills that make all the difference in improving individual, team, and organizational performance.

A Partner You Can Trust

For 30 years, our actions and relationships within our organization and with our clients have been guided by the highest standards of ethical behavior. We walk our talk. Not only do we work tirelessly to create great results for our clients, we stand behind our people and our work. This has led to long-term relationships and one of the highest client retention rates in our industry—more than 78% of our large clients consistently return year after year.