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The Virtual Classroom

Instructor-Led Learning at its Best—Delivered Virtually

Virtual learning comes in many different forms—asynchronous, self-paced, or live, instructor-led learning events. While pure content can be packaged virtually, the effectiveness of the learning experience depends on many factors.

Based on our experience, here are some of the success factors that matter in the virtual classroom

  • Interactive Design
  • High Quality Content
  • Engaging Activities
  • Exceptional Learner Care
  • Effective facilitator for the virtual classroom environment 
  • Conscientious producer to manage technology

These factors are critical to shaping the learner experience, and whether learners come away feeling impacted and changed by their training experience. Instructor-led virtual classrooms are what we specialize in—where expert facilitators can use their talents to bring content to life, and make that content relevant for each learner.

While no one can replicate the physical experience of “being there in a classroom with peers," Blanchard’s Virtual Classroom offerings come as close as technology will allow. We bring you time-tested content, combined with experienced instructors and producers who have mastery over delivering content virtually.