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The training gives a thorough overview on situational behavior and the leadership style matching development level. It also helps to deepen and use consciously the effective communication.

Situational Self Leadership

Creating Self-Empowered Leaders at All Levels

The new workforce demands self-motivated individuals who are willing to handle more responsibility, to lead themselves and others, and to embrace change.

Situational Self Leadership (SSL) is designed for individuals at all levels who want to make the transition from being responsive to being responsible, and to take initiative in idea generation, innovation, and problem solving.

The process provides individual contributors with strategies for gaining more satisfaction from their work—by challenging their notion of leadership. By learning what motivates them, and what builds their confidence, knowledge, and skills, individuals at every level in the organization can make the leap to peak performance.

Helyzetfüggő Vezetés
  • Clarifies individual goals and tasks to drive performance
  • Enables individuals to make the shift from reactive to proactive
  • Improves problem solving and accountability at all levels
  • Accelerates learning cycles for enhanced productivity on the job
  • Creates engagement and empowerment throughout the organization