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It helped us to discover deficiencies within the company. Practicing it consistently helps to achieve both company and private life success.


Organizational Culture Change

A major European manufacturer turned to The Ken Blanchard Companies' organizational culture change program Gung Ho! in an effort to improve retention and reduce turnover. In a little over one year, the organization reduced turnover by 25%, down from 35% to just 10%, and reduced absenteeism.

Developing a Culture of Excellence through Individual and Organizational Alignment

Thousands of uninspired employees trudge to work every day, their lack of enthusiasm often dooming their companies to failure. Organizations are sometimes so committed to their legacy of systems that they lack the ability to provide a corporate culture that improves the quality of life for their employees and, in turn, their customers.

There is a solution for organizations grappling with these issues—an evolution into an organizational culture that requires the sharing of information; alignment with organizational purpose, values, and goals; frontline decision-making responsibility; employee development; and celebration of successes. Today, more than ever, employees are looking for meaning in the work they do and in the products and services they provide. Blanchard's organizational culture change program Gung Ho! is the solution for employee motivation and inspiration at all levels.

Based on Ken Blanchard's bestselling book Gung Ho!, the Gung Ho! process is capable of responding to various organizational needs to stay on top in today's highly competitive business world.

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  • Creates involvement and buy in for change management throughout the organization
  • Creates accountability for creating and sustaining the culture
  • Increases organizational alignment and focus
  • Aligns performance expectations, values, and rewards systems