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I feel that there is a serious research behind the knowledge therefore it teaches logical things that can be accepted. It was good.


Coaching Essentials for Leaders

Increasing leadership effectiveness and influence through executive coaching

Think about the best managers and leaders with whom you have worked and ask yourself, “What made them effective?” Capable managers and leaders have the same qualities as great coaches. Leaders who use coaching skills can improve morale, retain their key people, provide better customer service in their organizations, and experience higher productivity overall.

Coaching Essentials for Leaders, focuses on the development and practical application of core coaching skills and behaviors, thus enabling participants to help develop their colleagues, employees, and teams. During personalized, one-to-one follow-up coaching sessions, participants discuss, apply, and evaluate the positive outcomes of their new behaviors.

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  • Utilizes coaching skills to support others in taking focused and purposeful actions
  • Increases the organization’s productivity, growth, business results, and impact
  • Accelerates team performance
  • Creates an environment of trust that supports the development and accomplishments of the people they manage

Coaching to Support Learning: Working one-to-one with a professional business coach is the most effective way to achieve proficiency. The Ken Blanchard Companies requires each workshop participant to participate in one-to-one coaching to reinforce the principles and skills learned in Coaching Essentials for Leaders workshops. Coaching to Support Learning includes three coaching sessions, included in the price of the workshop.
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